A distributed workforce Accelerating bioscience innovation

Assmbl connects biotechnology companies to a network of expert life scientists. Bringing freelance work to biotechnology.
There is no clear path for the best scientific talent to reach the most innovative bioscience companies.
We are leveraging this by building a dynamic link between academia and bioindustry.


  • Academic life scientists will be selected through a rigorous screening process to obtain the best talent
  • Tell us the talent and skills you need, we will find you the best match for your project

Who Benefits?

  • Bioscience enterprise demands expertise in niche subject areas. There is an untapped abundance of expert knowledge within academic institutions.
  • Access to talent will be a key differentiator in the future of bioindustry. Agile companies that are able to source talent on demand, will outcompete those with traditional operating models.
  • Facilitating an exchange between academia and industry will foster innovation.
  • The distributed worforce has been transformative in the technology industry. As biology and tech align, the nature of the scientific workforce will change.
  • Over-population in academia leads to high dropout rates and loss of scientific talent. Providing a link between academia and industry will offer more opportunities and improve the retention of talent in the field.
  • Project work with industry will provide academics with an alternative measure of success over the traditional publication metric and an opportunity to work on applied projects in a commercial environment.

Our team

Life-scientists on a mission to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Emma Bardsley Co-founder
Peter Sloan Co-founder